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Blast from the past, recollection

Does anyone else remember a little indie band called The Blue Smarties that got a bit of Evening Session play with their song about Ian Beale from Eastenders? That sounds really bonkers, but it genuinely existed, honest. It was a bit like Angelica, quite sweet female vocals and tinkly bits going on, bemoaning the fact that they felt as hard done by as the beleaguered Ian Beale character.

As far as I know they only released that one song and sank without a trace without a hit. I'd love to track it down though.

Nominate great lost 90s indie songs!

I'll nominate these two for now..


SNUG: beatnik Girl

Share your mixtapes

I thought it would be fun to post the tracklisting of the first mixtape I made via stuff off of The Evening Session show way back in, oooh, 1995? Though it may span up to 1996, it's hard to pinpoint, really. Confusingly, I titled it Britpop Now, yet it features American bands and dancey stuff, plus, cough, oh um, Robert Miles. But I was only 14 and very innocent, so cut me a lot of slack. Anyway, moving on! I was a very keen decorator of tapes, as you can see, with the little Britpop target signs there. Note that the tape is an F90 Boots brand one, ah the nostalgia!


1. LUSH: single girl
2. DUBSTAR: not so manic now
3. NO.1 CUP: divebomb
4. GENE: for the dead (live in session with Martin talking about crisps)
5. GENE: London can you wait
6. RADIOHEAD: street spirit
8. LONGPIGS: far
9. OCEAN COLOUR SCENE: riverboat song (or the TFI Friday theme as we Brits know it)
10. NEW ORDER: blue monday
11. SLEEPER: atomic (faithful cover, appeared on the Trainspotting soundtrack of the day)
12. GARY NUMAN: cars
13. SLEEPER: sale of the century
14. THE SMITHS: bigmouth strikes again

1. BLUETONES: glad to see y'back again?
2. TERRY HALL: rainbows
3. THE CURE: just like heaven
4. BLUR: there's no other way
5. OASIS: wahtever
6. PULP: mile end (again from the film Trainspotting)
7. STONE ROSES: how do you sleep?
8. MENSWEAR: being brave
9. NEW ORDER: bizarre love triangle
10. DAVID BOWIE: hallo spaceboy
11. ROBERT MILES: children
12. COMIC GANE [sic: it's actually Comet Gain Lamacq spoke too fast for me]: Hideaway
13. COMIC GANE: Say Yes (an amazing song that I must track down again!)

So not very Britpoppy overall, but still a mighty fine mix of stuff for a 14-year-old to put together. Still, it's better than the one I did with the Cranberries and the Beautiful South on - I thought they were indie when I was 13, silly me.

Has anyone else got access to their first ever indie mix tapes / CDs that they want to share? Go awn.
When did you start listening to The Evening Session?: At some point between September and December 1995.
Favourite memories / moments of The Sesh: The Christmas quiz which featured Martin Rossiter being unable to guess the mystery voice which turned out to be that of his guitarist speaking with his scarf in his mouth.
Best bands discovered: The Longpigs, Number One Cup.
Long lost bands that we've probably all forgotten: Chuck, Bracket, Air Miami, China Drum, Powder, Ted, Sugar
Songs that defined your youth / remind you of The Sesh days: "She Said" by the Longpigs, "Divebomb" by Number One Cup, "I Wish" by Skee-lo, that one by Boutique
What bands would you like to bring back and make big: All of the above
Anything else to add?: I gave up on the Evening Session at some point in 1997 and John Peel became my only reason for listening to Radio One. I still look back on the Evening Session circa 1995-6 and wonder what it was that produced so many entertaining indie bands and why so many of them fell away in the subsequent year or two. Back then, I was as excited about spending a night listening to the radio as I would be to find £50 on the floor. Also, I should mention that Collins' and Maconie's Hit Parade was wonderful too and deserves a thread of its own.

My intro quiz, Hello!

When did you start listening to The Evening Session?: 1995 when Blur were interviewed about The Great Escape. Still got the tape, as an extra on my Parklife C90.
Favourite memories / moments of The Sesh: All those magical moments when you first heard songs and thought they were the Best thing in the world. Doesn't really happen anymore, sadly, and I do not blame getting older either. Also: SHINE tapes and Raw magazine when it went Britpop!
Best bands discovered: Idlewild, Seafood, Pullover, Whipping Boy, Tiger,
Long lost bands that we've probably all forgotten: The Blue Smarties (the song about feeling like Ian Beale), Number One Cup ("Divebomb"), Snug, Uresei Yatsura, The Supernaturals, Bawl, Toaster, Dweeb, Fiver, Chewy, Fraff, Scribble, Mo-ho-bish-O-pi, loads of Fierce Panda stuff.
Songs that defined your youth / remind you of The Sesh days: Glittery penpal letters: Kenickie, Manics, My Life Story. Dancing like a loon around the bedroom: Ash's Girl From Mars, early Idlewild, 3 Colours Red, Snuff, Rancid. Gloomy introspection: Strangelove, Marion, Pullover b-sides.
What bands would you like to bring back and make big: Whipping Boy. They piss all over The Killers.
Anything else to add?: I miss those seemingly endless teenage summers of writing letters to indie people all over the world and swapping glittery parcels and cool mixtapes. Oh, and bring back The Evening Session, obviously. Also, I got a couple of things read out on the 'Sesh such as the story of the Kylie Minog-eee fan that ruined a bit of Reading '98 for me, mention of my fanzine Barely Legal, and me asking if The Cure were making a comeback (they were, so hurrah).

Intro quiz

Take this template for the intro quiz...

When did you start listening to The Evening Session?:
Favourite memories / moments of The Sesh:
Best bands discovered:
Long lost bands that we've probably all forgotten:
Songs that defined your youth / remind you of The Sesh days:
What bands would you like to bring back and make big:
Anything else to add?:

First post fever

Welcome to evening_sesh, the community that celebrates all things indie, from the 1990s and especially out of Radio One's The Evening Session show. Feel free to join, and then post away. If you fancy it, by way of intro you can fill out the quiz I have devised. Any questions or comments, ideas, or crucial bands I might have missed from the interests section, drop 'em here. Cheers!