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My intro quiz, Hello!

When did you start listening to The Evening Session?: 1995 when Blur were interviewed about The Great Escape. Still got the tape, as an extra on my Parklife C90.
Favourite memories / moments of The Sesh: All those magical moments when you first heard songs and thought they were the Best thing in the world. Doesn't really happen anymore, sadly, and I do not blame getting older either. Also: SHINE tapes and Raw magazine when it went Britpop!
Best bands discovered: Idlewild, Seafood, Pullover, Whipping Boy, Tiger,
Long lost bands that we've probably all forgotten: The Blue Smarties (the song about feeling like Ian Beale), Number One Cup ("Divebomb"), Snug, Uresei Yatsura, The Supernaturals, Bawl, Toaster, Dweeb, Fiver, Chewy, Fraff, Scribble, Mo-ho-bish-O-pi, loads of Fierce Panda stuff.
Songs that defined your youth / remind you of The Sesh days: Glittery penpal letters: Kenickie, Manics, My Life Story. Dancing like a loon around the bedroom: Ash's Girl From Mars, early Idlewild, 3 Colours Red, Snuff, Rancid. Gloomy introspection: Strangelove, Marion, Pullover b-sides.
What bands would you like to bring back and make big: Whipping Boy. They piss all over The Killers.
Anything else to add?: I miss those seemingly endless teenage summers of writing letters to indie people all over the world and swapping glittery parcels and cool mixtapes. Oh, and bring back The Evening Session, obviously. Also, I got a couple of things read out on the 'Sesh such as the story of the Kylie Minog-eee fan that ruined a bit of Reading '98 for me, mention of my fanzine Barely Legal, and me asking if The Cure were making a comeback (they were, so hurrah).


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