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evening_sesh's Journal

The Evening Session Radio 1 nostalgia community
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1990s indie nostalgia

Remember when nearly every indie song you heard on British radio was instantly amazing? Doing your GCSE or 6th form homework to the latest in-session band or exclusive band interview?

Kenickie, Blur, Ash, Idlewild, Mansun, Puressence, Pullover, Marion, Whipping Boy, Number One Cup, all those great bands that defined our youth. Some became mainstream mega stars; others faded away into mixtape land obscurity. The point is, life was different then, wasn't it? Music meant so much more, the UK music press was worth a weekly spend and gorge, and there wasn't the crassness or convenience of the internet, and bands had much more DIY spirit, heart and soul.

This is a community about celebrating the excitement of 1990s indie, Evening Session culture. An excuse to reminisce over obscure seven inch singles, fanzines, labels, band quotes, bootlegs, gigs, anything you like.

I personally love it when someone jogs my memory about an old tune and all my teenage years come flooding back in the mere melody of it; if you feel the same, join up and get posting. I hope to get this community full of reminsicing, recommendations, tape swaps, gig going, pub meets, new mates, all kinds of fun. Tell all your indie friends and spread the good word.

As Helen Love sang: Long live the UK music scene!
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